Exploring the effects of stabulation in Sauvignon Blanc (2020)

Nate Walsh and Kent Arendt

Walsh Family Wine

Report Report

Developing a protocol for rosé stabulation using Laffazyme THIOLS (Laffort) and Fermoplus Tropical (AEB)(2018)

Tim Gorman

Cardinal Point Winery

Report Report

Chemical and Sensory Impacts of Stabulation and Hyperoxygenation in Chardonnay

Theo Smith

Rappahannock Cellars

Report Report

The Effect of Stabulation on Fermentation Kinetics and Sensory Quality (ARC) (2016)

Matthieu Finot

King Family Vineyards

Report Report

Virtual Sensory Session: Stabulation and Micro-oxygenation

Nate Walsh and Michael Heny

Feb 2021

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