Promoting innovation through experimentation in the wine industry

The Winemakers Research Exchange is a non-profit organization of Virginia winemakers pursuing quality improvement through practical experimentation in vineyards and wineries.

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Evaluating experiments though chemical and sensory analysis

Experimental results are evaluated using appropriate chemical measures. Sensory sessions allow for blind tasting and group discussion of each project.

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Sharing results broadly

Results from past experiments are shared during sensory sessions, on the website, through newsletters, and at regional and national meetings.

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pH, TA, and acid adjustments

In order to make good decisions about additions to juice and wine, you need to have a good measure of what you are starting with. Much of the information you need can be obtained in the winery lab with minimal equipment, time, and expense. 

For this reason, Dr. Beth Chang and I put together a quick primer on pH, TA, and acid adjustments in wine. Our hope was to provide some quick reminders, needed protocols and some tips for acid adjustment as you consider the additions you may need to do to juice and wine this season.

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