Screw Cap Closure Oxygen Transfer Rates Comparison (2015)

Kirsty Harmon

Blenheim Vineyards


Finished wine (Chardonnay) from a single tank was bottled on (2/23/14). An equal amount of bottles were topped with one of three Amcor Stelvin screw caps each with a different oxygen transfer rate (see figure). The rates compared in this experiment were 1, 3, and 7.  “1” corresponds to the lowest oxygen transfer rate, and 7 corresponds to the highest oxygen transfer rate (although exact numbers were not available for this study).  The wines were treated identically post bottling and during storage.

Lab Analysis


There were no chemical differences between the wines.  Of respondents (n=15) 40% preferred Rate 1, 46.7% preferred Rate 3, and 13.3% preferred Rate 7

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Screw Cap Closure Comparison (2015)

Ben Jordan

Early Mountain Vineyards

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