Screw Cap Closure Comparison (2015)

Ben Jordan

Early Mountain Vineyards


Finished wine (Pinot Gris) from the same tank was bottled on 2/11/16. A portion was bottled and topped with screw caps lined with Saranaex. Another portion was bottled in identical bottled but topped with screw caps lined with Saratin.

Lab Analysis: TA (g/L), TSO2 FSO2 DO (mg/L), AA (g/L), Gluc + Fruc Malic (mg/100mL)


There was no significant chemical and sensory sensory differences between the trial and control (p<0.05). Of those that responded correctly (n=7), 71.4% preferred Saranex, and  28.6% preferred Saratin. The amount of time in bottle storage (less than 4 months) may not have been enough to result in an effect.

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Screw Cap Closure Oxygen Transfer Rates Comparison (2015)

Kirsty Harmon

Blenheim Vineyards

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